COVID 19 One Day Wedding Package

Because Only Together We Can

Is the Corona Pandemic Disrupting your Wedding Photography Plans?

We are sure you must have seen some wedding photographs and gone “Wow!” You might not have been able to stop admiring the pictures.

The photos of the bride and the groom gazing into each other’s eyes lovingly. The blush on the bride’s face as she takes her first steps towards a new life. The playful behind-the-scenes pictures of the groom with his friends. The tears in the eyes of the bride’s mother when she sees her little girl all decked up as a bride.

Every bride and groom want these precious moments to be captured for eternity. But the current coronavirus scare has shaken everyone. With the restrictions on the number of people allowed to attend the wedding and safety concerns, you might be thinking about whether having a wedding photography team is a good idea. You might even have contemplated why not have a friend or relative shoot the marriage pictures?

But here is the thing..

A wedding is one of the most romantic and significant life events of a person. It is a day when two people come together and promise to spend a lifetime together. In the presence of family and friends, they vow to love each other and share their lives for years to come. Hours and days of planning go into designing a perfect wedding, and you should record it for the future. And what better way to capture this beautiful event for posterity, than with professional wedding photography.

Who We Are

Wedding photography is not just about taking photographs in different poses. It is about capturing the emotion, the little candid moments, it’s about telling a story of this beautiful day.

The right lighting, the proper angles, the best professional photography equipment, and the skill of the photographer go into getting that perfect picture. This cannot be done just by anyone.

Why settle for less than perfect pictures, when you can have the best photography team working for you.

Dilip Photography understands how important these moments are and are here to help you with your wedding photography needs. Through the eye of the lens, we show you the fairy-tale that is your wedding.

We realize safety is the primary concern in the current times. That is why our staff follow strict sanitization and safety protocol while shooting any event, like using masks, sanitizing our equipment, and screening of the photographers and videographers.

Our commitment is to capture your wedding highlights in the safest way possible.

Don’t let corona wreck your wedding memories, call us now for safe and professional wedding photography.


Standard Package

45,000 Inclusive of all taxes
  • Candid Photography
  • Traditional Videography
  • One Album

Premium Package

65,000 Inclusive of all taxes
  • Candid Photography
  • Candid Videography
  • One Magazine Sheets Album
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